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Vilkova Natal'ya Georgievna, Doctor of chemical sciences, professor, sub-department of physics and chemistry, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction
(Penza, 28 G. Titova str.),
Nushtaeva Alla Vladimirovna, Candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of physics and chemistry, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction
(Penza, 28 G. Titova str.),

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The article presents the study of the hydrophobizated solid particles influence on the interfacial tension on different interfaces. Compared are the absolute and relative ranges of interfacial tension drop which resulted from the experiment with theoretical value. It is demonstrated that adsorption of solid particles causes sub-stantial drop of interfacial tension on the water/oil interface and the corresponding change in the emulsion stability. On the water/air interface there is a lesser drop in interfacial tension though there is a considerable change in foam properties.

Key words

interfacial tensions, adsorption, hydrophobizated solid particles.

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